Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Mosquito Netting and Midge Netting?

Mosquito netting is approximately 1mm x 1mm
Midge netting is 1mm x 0.5mm

Is there a Price Difference Between Mosquito and Midge Netting?

Yes Midge netting is a more expensive material to buy.

Why Should I Measure My Camper Van, are they Not a Standard Size?

Whilst yes the camper vans themselves are a standard size, their conversion to a camper van and the placement of the interior fittings can change the sizes and fittings of the netting. By understanding each van is different and tailor making the nets to your camper van sets Sarahs Mosquito Nets apart from other mosquito nets. By taking your own measurements it will make sure that your nets are custom made to fit snugly into your camper van. We have done some measuring guides to show exactly what measurements we need. Click here for measuring guide.

Do We Make Mosquito Nets for Only VW T5 Camper Vans?

Our original design was for VW T6, T5 and T4 camper vans, but as we make out nets to measure and each set is made for your camper van please use our enquiry for to provide as much detail as possible and we will quote for your camper van. Click for enquiry form.

How Long Does an Order Take to Process?

As all of our nets are made to order we have a set monthly capacity, once that capacity is filled we fill the following months capacity and so on, at the time of enquiry we can quote our current lead time. We do know however there are times when nets are required urgently and should you need a "rush job" as it will be completed outside of normal working hours there will be an extra charge.

How much do they cost?

Price of a full set of Nets from £255.00 (1 x side, 1 x rear)
Side Door Only from £135.00
Rear Door Only from £145.00
Cab Window Net cover & bag from £45.00 each window

Prices shown for VW T5, T6, prices may vary for other camper van conversions
As each camper van conversion is different price can vary based on locations of fixtures and fittings with in the camper van
Postage and Packing based on your locations

* Supply to UK Customers Only

Sarahs Mosquito Nets

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Sarahs Mosquito Nets

Sarahs Mosquito Nets is a family run business on the Powys, Shropshire border between Montgomery and Welshpool.

We provide a made to measure service of high quality mosquito or midge netting for VW camper vans and camper van conversions.

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Sarahs Mosquito Nets